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We at the Shower Crewe provide many services to meet our clients needs. Please contact us by either phone or Email to get a full list of our services. As you can see by the below services this is just a brief insight into what the team delivers.

Poor workmanship

We see on a daily basis what poor workmanship can do and what damage is done after we pull off the lining of showers.

The longer you leave it the more damage will occur leading to more costs.

A common problem with poor installation is leaking in the corners of the shower.

Even though the leak doesn't look much on the outside, in a short time problems can be occurring behind the liner slowly getting worse causing more damage.

Here are some more examples below of the services The Shower Crewe Installations provides to our customers.




Tips Installing your shower

Arrange for your plumber to install the shower tray as per manufacture specifications, Pay particular attention to ensure the tray is level.

The Gib is sitting on top of the lip flush with the up stand and the waste is in the correct place.

It is important that no sealer or paint is applied to the walls where liner is to go. If plastered make sure plaster is totally dry before installation.

The more care taken in preparation the better the finish



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